Save Some Coin with Credit Card Processing Built For the Laundry Industry

Don't trust just anyone with your payment processing. Partner with Paystri — the integrated payments partner that knows the laundromat and dry cleaning business.


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Save Some Coin

With Credit Card Processing Built For the Laundry Industry

Industry Experience

Paystri’s USA Based, best-in-class industry professionals and customer service team serve and consult thousands of laundromats and dry cleaners.

Don_t Forget to Check the Pockets
Save Some Coin

Credit Card Processing Built For the Laundry Industry

With Visa and MasterCard programs that lower interchange, the “wholesale cost” of processing fees by 95 percent.

Scrub Processing Fees

With our Cash Discount program by passing the cost of card acceptance back to customers who pay with a card.

Make Some Steam

"They're very dedicated to the laundry industry.They're very attentive to making sure that the credit card processing experience is seamless."

Super Wash Laundry

""Honest and they operate with integrity. No hidden fees or misrepresentation. I would highly recommend Paystri if you are looking for a merchant processing company that’s truly a pleasure to work with.""

Sparklean Laundry

Read Our Laundry Industry Case Study

Paystri is your payments expert specializing in laundromats and dry cleaners. We work with thousands of laundromats and residential/guest laundry rooms nationwide to optimize pricing and cut the costs of card transactions.